I am not a mass production operation, I offer Custom Embossing,
de-bossing for the discriminating Client Who  desired Truly custom work.
Dies are custom  made to order for Company logos, family crests and
For a price quote contact me & e-mail your  black and white artwork.
All l artwork must be to scale to your finished desired  size.
Cost for stamping are based on  die cost &  embossing fee.
Right is an example of Gold Leaf embossing design
around two blotters &  custom Inital embossed

Embossed Initials  Available  
Three letter embossed for $ 25.00each  embossing  
the letters are 1/2 “ tall each. The gold embossing
design is priced at  $1.50 per inch of running gold
embossed design around your blotter.
Left & Below are examples of Large logos  in
gold.  The Logos are approximently 6"x 6"
            Heath's Restoration Shop
Custom gold leaf embossing,de-bossing, stamping of logos